Family Law

Obtaining Favorable Divorce Settlements for South Texans

Couples who are facing divorce, wish to adopt a child or are considering separating should seek the assistance of a family attorney in Texas. Since Texas is a community property state, divorce proceedings can be fraught with issues including how to deal with marital property, dividing debts and structuring a fair child visitation and custody agreement. At Ramón Law Firm, we can help families with the following:


Texas courts recognize irreconcilable differences for a no-fault divorce but in some cases, such as conviction of a felony, infidelity or admittance to a mental facility may require a spouse to file for divorce for fault. In most cases, unless one of these situations exists, unless a couple has been married for 10 years, there are no spousal maintenance payments guaranteed to one spouse.

Legal Separation

While Texas does not have a process for legal separation, couples can mutually agree to separate and draw up a contract with the assistance of a family law practitioner to deal with support issues, child custody and division of property. Because of immigration issues and religious objections, couples may not feel divorce is the right option for them.


Couples who are considering adopting a child should see competent legal assistance to ensure the process goes smoothly. There are numerous issues to deal with including interactions with Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. Couples must show they are financially stable and go through a series of background checks as well as home visits. Having an attorney to represent your rights and advocate on your behalf can be very helpful.

When you need a family law attorney in Texas, you can count on Ramón Law Firm. We understand that family issues are extremely sensitive and that you need an attorney who is compassionate and will listen to all of the issues that impact your case. Call us today at (956) 627-3070 and we will discuss the various aspects of your family law case and determine the best way to proceed.